Herbal Nurturing Skin Balm


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20 All Natural Skin Loving Ingredients!

This Multi-Purpose skin balm is versatile and beneficial to many skin types! It glides on light and smooth and coats the skin like an ointment. Whether you have normal, aging, sensitive or dry/itchy skin; you will find skin happy attributes in the extensive ingredient list for this product. This skin balm to be most beneficial when applied after a shower/bath and a little bit will go a long way!


Ingredients & Attributing Benefits:

Coconut Oil*- Skin softening
Sweet Almond Oil – Helps to reduce, itching, cracking and inflammation.
Shea Butter* - Highly moisturizing, softening & helps skin to regenerate.
Cocoa Butter* - Softens & moisturizes dry/dehydrated skin.
Avocado Butter – Highly moisturizing & nourishing; containing Vitamins A, B1, B2, D & E.
Sunflower Seed Oil – Moisturizing, softening & high in Vitamin E.
Chamomile Flower – Anti-inflammatory, soothes itching eczema, softens tight/dry skin.
Borage Leaf – Soothes dry & itchy skin.
Elder Flower – Anti-inflammatory, soothes itchy skin, heals chapped skin.
Lavender Flower – Beneficial to controlling eczema and soothing sore muscles.
Calendula Flower  - Anti-inflammatory, beneficial to dry skin & eczema.
Lemon Balm Leaf – Calms and cools irritated skin.
Rosemary Leaf – Soothes irritated skin.
Beeswax* - Softens skins, relieves inflammation and provides breathable protective barrier on skin.
Vitamin E – Supports the skin barrier function and known to help with scaring.
Apricot Kernel Oil – Soothes itching skin.
Rice Bran Oil – Contains antioxidants that helps with soothing irritated skin such as eczema.
Lavender Essential Oil* - Stimulates new cell growth, Anti-inflammatory,
Geranium Essentia Oil* - Beneficial to eczema and stimulates both dry and oily skin
Bergamot Essential Oil* - Eases skin irritations and softens cracked/dry skin

*Denotes Organic

 Size - 4.2 oz (This listing is for 1 jar)


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